We develop and manufacture products for the telecom and industrial world. Our products include solutions for wireless headset interface solutions, IP Telephony, lighting controllers, protocol converters and GSM products for the industrial world.

Complete ODM Design

Specification and planning

We work together with the customer to make ideas into products. Specification of technologies and key components, Concept validation, business case validation, sales quotation. Development contract, time and NRE schedule

Product Development

Electrical- and Mechanical design. Often we are carrying out concept validation tests and/or qualification tests together with our customers.


Product launch and production ramp

Alpha and beta series, maturing and finetuning and then ramp for mass production

Testing, documentation and sustaining engineering

HASS and HALT testing as well as regulatory testing for CE, FCC etc. can be arranged. Documentation according to cutsotmer requirements and follow up and optimizations in the products lifetime.

Turnkey - from design to mass production

We can start when the product is just an idea, and develop from scratch. Electrical and machanical engineering and after prototype evaluation we can move into manufacturing.


If you got an existing product that needs care, we can help and handle manufacturing. Mold tooling for plastic parts, test equipment, validation series....

Projects and Services

EHS Adapters

Electronic Hook Switch adapters are our speciality. We have done 100 of them so far, and consider this to be our niche of excellence.

Lighting Controllers and access control

Our first design back in 2001 was a digital lighting controller. Since then we have done multiple 4G GSM enabled controllers for access control.

Turn key production

Have you already got a finished design? We got factories ready in both Eastern Europe, Thailand and China ready to handle PCB and mechanical assembly


Manufacturing of toy products with wireless cababilities, and durable mechanics and a high requirements for user safety and comfort.

Communication products

Various products for communication using analog, USB and wireless options - for office telecom, Air Traffic Control (landside) and others.

High end mechanics

2D and 3D CAD mechanical design, 3D printed prototypes followed up by mold design and injection moulded parts from our partners in the far east.

Call Us

+45 6912 1611

It's all about dialogue. Not two projects are the same. We don't have a big organization and we use that to our advantage to stay flexible and agile. Give Us a call or drop Us a message and let's talk about how we can bring your project to the next step.


About us



fonewise Technology A/S was founded in 2007 by three partners, who are still active in the company. We focus on product design and manufacturing. But we can also handle various IT projects - but in terms of system development and hosting.



Our head office is in Roskilde, Denmark. We got a strong R&D team in Fujian province in China, where we also handle the majority of manufacturing. Further manufacturing is handled in Eastern Europe and we got engineering ressoruces in Sourthern Europe also.


I P Group A/S and IP Fax ApS

Our sister companies, I P Group (www.ipg.dk) supplies Denmark with quality Internet and VoIP solutions. IP Fax (www.ipfax.dk) is doing somewhat state of the art telefax services - email based. Visit them for more information.


fonewise Technology A/S
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