Mechanical Engineering

Fonewise develops and manufactures custom enclosure solutions - primarily in injection moulded plastics.
Together with our partners, we are proud to offer a very competitive mechanical engineering and manufacturing service.
- New project where a casing is needed - but maybe the customers main strength isn't mechanical engineering?
- Existing product where the current casing is getting too expensive - or difficult to source?
- Simply too busy? Let Us handle everything for you.

Let Us know what we can do for your product.
We offer:
- CAD design. 2D and 3D drawings. We design custom casing based on ideas or sketch from the customer
- Tooling. Injection moulding tooling is made. Even for a medium volume, a mould tool can prove the best solution.
- Milling of existing casing. For small quantities, it is sometimes feasible to mill openings in standard casings.

Milling in smaller quantities can be handled in Europe. For most projects the casing is best sourced from the Far East, where our competent partners has years of experience in the field of plastics and alluminium, and where custom tooling for injection moulding often isn't as expensive as the customer are fearing.